Flexible AGV solution for warehouse automation with safety first, reliability always  

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Flexible robotics at the forefront of the digital revolution.  

Our AGV solution adapts quickly to our customer's needs by reducing costs by increasing productivity.

Abisysa´s Automatic guidance vehicles -AGV-
will help to optimize transport and store product processes in your company.

Quick start-up
Increased productivity at lower cost
Longer life, less pollution
High degree of customization
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Robótica flexible a la vanguardia de la revolución digital. 

El futuro de la logística pertenece a los AGV. Digitaliza tu empresa a la vez que reduces costes y aumentas la productividad, la eficiencia y la seguridad.
Más vida útil con carga
ultrarrápida y menor contaminación. 
Seguridad primero, fiabilidad siempre.
Rápida puesta en marcha con
alto grado de personalización.
Mayor productividad a menor precio. 
Conectividad y
transformación digital. 
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Robótica flexible a la vanguardia de la revolución digital. 

Nuestra solución AGV se adapta rápidamente a las necesidades de nuestro cliente reduciendo costes y aumentando la productividad. 
Transformación digital
Retorno de la inversión
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About us

More than 15 years at the forefront of technology. The AGV automatic guided vehicle improves your company´s productivity.
Digital transformation of your company. Innovative technoloy eligible to grants.

Development of safe and reliable projects.
Automated forklifts are equipped with safety systems capable of detecting obstacles and operators.
Engineering solutions reduce costs and increase productivity.
Choosing an AGV adapted to your facilities means betting on customization and maximum performance .

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